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Welcome to us

We are Antonis and Sofia, a Greek artist and a Swedish art curator, who propose the simple Mediterranean life - elegant, minimal and close to nature. The idea is to recharge, find a moment in between productivity and experience Crete from a different angle, remote but close enough to all the beaches and the gorges. Sit back, breathe and relax, or count the countless stars in the evening sky.

Reimagine luxury living

Things here are simple. We like the minimal style of life, a sustainable slow living. The French architect and artist Le Corbusier built his famous house Le Cabanon as a present to his wife, Yvonne. It was created through countless hours of research, as Le Corbusier had produced the concept of the Modulor, an anthropometric scale based on the human body. Designed on the basis of the minimum possible dimensions but the maximum physical and spiritual comfort it could offer, he sometimes called it a scale of "Mediterranean balance". In a flirt to Le Corbusier´s Le Cabanon, our 

philosophy behind our unit of houses is to find yourself in a contemporary sanctuary, hidden from the world but close enough to all the beaches in the area. To sit in the hot midday sun on the terrace in its quietness or maybe during the sunset, enjoying a glass of wine and a nice book. Our fully equipped kitchen allows you to cook all the local products, our beds will definitely give you that good night sleep you longed for, and the olive oil you will taste will be from the olive trees around you. This is our version of utopia, a space we ourselves need as a break from the everyday life.