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Eating in at Cabanon

When you arrive, you'll find the kitchen filled with everything you need for a generous breakfast. Fresh loaf of bread from the local bakery, eggs, butter, Cretan cheese, seasonal fruits, vegetables and of course olive oil harvested from the olive trees around you. 

Menu options

There are also two extended menu options with ingredients for self-made meals that you need to pre-order - either the more extended breakfast or the brunch/dinner option: 

The more luxurious breakfast includes Greek yoghurt, muesli, traditional seasonal "spoon sweets", home-made Cretan cheese pies, local honey, dried fruits, traditional smoked pork, mizithra or other seasonal fresh Cretan cheese, additional eggs, mountain tea and fresh bread from the bakery.

The brunch/dinner option inspires to late awakenings and protracted brunches or easy dinners to go with that glass of wine on the balcony during sunset.

It consists of Cretan cheese pies, home-made pasta of local eggs and goat milk, traditional smoked pork, mizithra or other seasonal fresh Cretan cheese, local honey, feta cheese, olives, traditional hard bread, mountain tea, fresh pizza dough, onions, garlic and fresh bread from the bakery.


There are always a few handpicked bottles of wine from local wineries in the cabin waiting, in our small personal mini-bar. 

Vegetable garden

Just behind the Cabanons you´ll find our own organic vegetable garden. There you´ll find seasonal vegetables to pick for whenever you feel like it.