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The area

Antonis’ grandfather was born in the late 1890s during the Ottoman empire, in a small village in a house that was built around 1600 that was conquered by and reconquered from the Ottomans. The village is called Dermitziana.

Our area 

Dermitziana has currently a handful of inhabitants. Its name derives from the Turkish word “demirci”, for blacksmith, as the local Ottoman pashas established their blacksmith workshops in the village, producing everything from pots and saucepans to guns. After the Turkish conquerors had left, the fields in the area were taken over by the villagers.

The olive grove on which we built our cabins on, is one of these fields, just outside of Dermitziana. Antonis has walked these hills

since he was still a child. He got to know every corner of his family’s land by heart.

Manolis, Antonis´ father, might occasionally be seen on his tractor, checking the olive trees. The family still cultivates the fields but most of the work is done around November - December, when the trees are harvested and the olives are handed over to an olive oil factory to create the precious golden liquid.