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The area

Crete is a magical place. Snowy mountains and sunny beaches - at the same time! You might be (un)lucky to experience rain that brings in red dust from the African desert. Pink beaches, stunning gorges, archeological sites, world known wineries and food or music festivals are among the things to see and do here. 

Our area

The land where the Cabanons are has been in Antonis´ family for centuries. You might meet Manolis, Antonis´ father, who checks in on the olive trees by tractor. Most of the work on the trees is needed around November - December, when they are harvested and handed over to an olive oil factory to create the precious golden liquid that is loved all over the world. 

The sea view you have from the balcony is a sea shore including sandy Nopigia beach and rocky Choni beach, two quiet and not yet exploited destinations where you might be totally alone. 

Close is also the ancient city of Rokka, in a lovely small village, as well as Polirinia, once an impressive city. If you happen to visit us during the full moon of August, you will experience Giortes Rokka, a music and culture festival with invited guests from all over the world that culminates in a classical music symphony concert performed on a temporary built wooden stage at the end of a cliff - while the full moon rises. 

Close are also different organic, boutique wineries focusing on handcrafted wine but with international fame, where you can see the winemaking process, do a tasting or have a bite in their traditional restaurant in a beautiful site. 

The wider area 

Crete has a few world-known "paradise beaches". We tend to be on different lists of the best beaches every year. There is a reason for that. 

Balos is a lagoon, approximately 30 minutes away, with shallow warm turquoise sea water. The white sandy beach is pink in many places, due to millions of crushed shells. 

Falassarna beach is actually several beaches, the longest being over 1 km and 150m wide. There is also a ancient site to visit, as well as beach bars and beach parties organized during the summer. Falassarna has the best sunset, with the sun that sets right into the water.

Elafonisi beach, another exotic and nature-protected area, is a peninsula that almost forms a little island at the top. Elafonisi is around 40 minutes away from the Cabanon´s. Its white sand is, like Balos beach, colored pink from millions of crushed shells. 

Samaria Gorge is the longest gorge in Europe, rich in Cretan flora and fauna and a national park to protect the Cretan wild goat, Kri-kri. It is 18 km long with its famous "Iron gate" where the gorge closes in to a width of 4 meters and to a height of 500m. The long walk ends with a cooling swim at the Libyan sea. 

Different villages all around Crete organise one-night festivities with a food theme that reflects their local products, for example the feast of the cheese, the honey or the tsikoudia. Traditional music and food in abundance make these festivities loved by locals as well as international visitors. 

The town of Chania is our home town. Except for the beauty of its harbour and the common tourist spots, we can give tips about modern cuisine, music bars, design stores, raw food eatery, local patisseries or nice cafés.